Executive Security: Responding to Today’s Threat Atmosphere



Inside the United states of america and Canada, the executive’s home was long thought of a protected haven from prospective security threats. top executive protection companies was focused on workplace safety guards and personal physique guards for the executive in the course of international travel. The sense of safety was shattered around the morning of April 19, 1992 when Exxon Vice President of International Operations Sidney Reso was kidnapped in the foot of his driveway in suburban Morris Township, NJ and soon died of a gunshot wound suffered inside the course on the kidnapping. Extra recently, in Could 2008, a band of environmental protestors “broke ground” around the front lawn of Duke Power CEO Jim Roger’s Charlotte, NC residence right after publicizing his dwelling address in the environmental activist community. Although Rogers and his household have been uninjured throughout this aggressive trespassing episode, it highlights the prospective for folks or groups to readily locate and enter the private house of organization and government executives. Neither Reso nor Rogers lived inside a gated neighborhood; in both instances the perpetrators basically drove as much as the homes. Using the introduction of Google Street View, an adversary can simply scout areas without having ever approaching the target in person. Because of this, the very first line of defense against residence invasions and kidnappings is definitely the neighborhood entrance. Even the requirement of a nominal verify of non-residents against a guest list might be enough to convince criminals to select one more target. A much better option is a community with limited entrances and exits which are manually controlled by on-site personnel partnered with roving security patrols.

Residence Safety Program

An UL authorized household security system can be a requirement for any executive protection firm strategy. The security technique have to be monitored from a central alarm station using a feedback circuit to alarm on interruption of the signal in the monitored property and possess the ability to detect glass breakage, door and window opening, and interior motion.


If an assailant or group of operatives does enter a residence, it’s unlikely that neighborhood security or regional police is going to be able to respond in time to successfully intervene. For that reason, the executive and his family members really should be educated in standard self-defense approaches, provided that the executive is physically capable to performing such actions. The aim right here is usually to resist the attackers and draw out the in-home duration of your event to provide police the opportunity to respond or force the assailants to abandon their attack due to the interruption of their pre-planned timeline. The usage of firearms in home defense is actually a sensitive subject that must be discussed with the executive. Realize that the presence of smaller kids or maybe a spouse who intensely opposes guns may possibly result in the executive resisting this choice.

Access Handle
The offices of any business enterprise or government agency whose executives demand protection should possess a robust access control plan in location. Access control consists of physical measures such as card readers at doors and turnstiles and programmatic controls like limiting the amount of men and women with key cards to only these with an ongoing have to have for access and terminating access straight away when the need for access is no longer present. Again, the objective right here will be to make the protected executive an unattractive target to discourage further organizing and actions by prospective assailants.

Active Shooter Protocol

The US Department of Justice recommends that business enterprise generate and implement an active shooter strategy. Elements of this plan contain identification of a prospective or actual firearms threat, notification of nearby law enforcement, notification of constructing occupants, escape or shelter in location preparing, and active resistance measures. As executives have a larger likelihood of being the target of an active shooter on account of motives of revenge, perceived guilt, or high visibility; the executive suite should really obtain particular focus within the creation from the active shooter plan with regard to hardened defensive measures and communication with internal and external security.


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